Liability Waiver

Waiver of ALL Liability
Kitesurf Noosa


I (print name)__________________________, fully understand that Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding / Kite Skating / All-Terrain boarding / and KGB (Kite ground boarding)  and other kite sports are considered to be  "extreme sports" due to their inherent and numerous risks.
Some of the risks may include: 
- Being lifted (lofted) by the kite and then dropped or even slammed onto the ground / water
- Severe cuts (lacerations) due to contact with kite lines under tension
- Unpredictable contact with sea life: Sting rays, sharks, Jelly fish, etc.
- Unknown underwater conditions / objects: Sharp shells, coral, broken glass, oyster beds, concrete, etc.
- Being dragged by the kite.
- Changes in weather conditions: Increasing wind, Lightning, water spouts, updrafts, etc.
- Equipment malfunction. ( Kiteboarding is still a new sport and the safety gear is NOT 100%  reliable.  Lines can get  twisted, tangled, or break, allowing the kite to behave unpredictably.)
- Kiteboarding poses risks of injury or even death.  By signing this release, you are choosing to participate and thus assuming FULL responsibility. 
- In the event of injury you agree to rely on your own personal health insurance to cover any medical or injury related expenses.
- I understand that if during the lesson I ever feel a lack of confidence in the abilities of my instructor I maintain the right to cancel the lesson and request a pro-rated or full refund.

I _________________________ Fully understand that I am a voluntarily participant and assume all associated risks and liability.

I _________________________ Waive and Release all Liability of Any Type associated with Hotwatersports, Owner, principles, My Instructor(s), Teaching location(s),  Associated schools,  and  gear/equipment manufacturers. I realize by participating in the sport of Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing / Kite-LandBoarding and other kite sports I am risking severe injury or Death and I still choose to proceed.

Trainer kite experience? Hours ________________
Board experience (Wake, Skate, Surf, Snow, Skim?)     ________________
Lesson Type ( Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, KGB, Snowkiting)_______________

I _______________________ certify that I am over 18 and that I have actually read every word 
of this waiver and fully understand all its contents.

Student Name (please print neatly)  ___________________ 

Student Identification  ___________________

ID Confirmed By  ___________________ 

Student Signature (please sign) ____________________  Date ____________

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