6 Hour Comprehensive Course


Kitesurf Noosa offers a fully comprehensive training program:

  • International Kitesurfing Organization certification available
  • Qualified, experienced instructors
  • Support Jet Ski with full safety equipment onboard
  • Headzone communication helmets
  • Safe teaching environments
  • Large range of equipment
  • Fast tracking for people with prior experience in related sports
  • All equipment included
  • Min age 18 years
  • Plain speak legal's here

Kitesurf Training Syllabus:

Level 1: Beginners ( appr. 2 to 4 hours)

  • Weather briefing
  • Evaluating site
  • Kite theory, understanding wind window
  • Safety procedures
  • Set up, 2-line kite, preflight check
  • Launching kites, instructor demonstrates
  • Flying kite in neutral zone
  • Landing kite
  • Launching kite, hands on
  • Flying kite in power zone
  • Hooking into harness
  • Flying one handed
  • Self rescue
  • Pack up, winding lines & care of kites

Level 2: Beginners/Intermediate (appr. 2 to 4 hours)

  • Set-up 2 line kite and demonstrate kite skills if necessary
  • 4-line kite theory Set-up of 4-line kites, preflight check
  • Briefing on safety
  • Adjusting technique for 4 lines
  • Launching 4-line kites
  • Self rescue
  • Body dragging, cross and up-wind
  • Briefing on rules and basic courtesy on the water
  • Water start and basic board skills
  • Pack up, winding lines (4-line bar)

Level 3: Intermediate, Advanced (appr. 2 to 4 hours)

At this stage students will need to demonstrate a high level of self- sufficiency. Choosing the right size kite, evaluation of conditions and site, choosing an area that is a safe distance from other water users and clear of obstacles and turbulent air.

  • Student briefing and feedback
  • Body dragging upwind for board recovery
  • Going upwind
  • Methods of flying to de-power kite
  • Change of direction
  • First jump, woo hoo !!