Learn to Kitesurf........ with a few added extras ;)

Cooloola Coast Tour

Nestled between the Sunshine and Fraser Coast is a very unique part of Australia. 
One hundred kilometers of undeveloped National Park with 4wd only access and beach/bush camping.
Unspoiled environment, great beaches, flatwater lagoons plus downwinders that go on for miles :)

All activities are conducted with Jetski support craft and rescue trained operator

We bring in everything required for a comfortable and exciting visit to this area.
Campfires are still permitted so there will be drinks on the beach while waiting for Meat, spuds and pumpkin to roast in the fire.
We bring all the toys, so be prepared, Jet ski, Sailing Catamaran, Wake boards, Kites, S.U.P, Snorkeling Equipment, Fishing Gear, Surfboards,

This isn't a magazine and deck chair tour.

  • Large canvas full height tents with multiple rooms and comfortable bedding ensure you are well rested to take on the following day
  • Maintained toilets are available within minutes walk.
  • A stop at Freshwater Lake for a dip in crystal clear waters surrounded by squiggly gum trees.
  • Double Island Point with its amazing lagoon surf, snorkel, dive, spearfish, kite and jet ski plus walk to the historic lighthouse.
  • Inskip Point! takeoff for Fraser island is the northern border of the Cooloola Coast.
  • Rainbow Beach a natural wonder where minerals have colored the sands into 100s of shades
  • Explore Cooloola Sand Blow, frequented by para gliders from all over the world (tandem flights available)
  • You will feel like you're on another planet, but no.. its yours!​